The 3-Storey Structural, Gas Fuelled Fire Training Simulator located in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Training Branch is designed and created according to the requirements of the customer. In total and distributed in various locations around the simulator there are 7 independent fires, these fires can be fully controlled by an advanced User PC-Scada operating system intergrated into an independent 2 Storey command & Control Tower. 

Fires are simulated by using vaporised LPG. All components used in the system are selected for their compliance with industry high standards (TSE, ISO9001, DIN, NFPA) with safety and reliability as priority. The system constantly monitors Gas levels & traing temperatures by Detectors & thermocouples, preventing conditions which would be dangerous in the simulator, On detecting conditions outside of normal operating parameters the system automatically performs the controlled shutdown of all running scenarios & activates circuits which allow safe evacuation and return the trainer to a safe condition. Fires representative & likely to occur in most of the buildings such as garages, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, storages, are present in this simulator. In addtion to the fire rooms, there is also a maze of search and rescue room designed to improve firemans’ search and rescue capabilities in a completely dark room.

Predefined and previously stored scenarios can be used  as well as the ability for Instructors to create & store further addtional frequently used training experiences. These Scenarios allow the facility to present to the students & trainees different levels of difficulty. 

Independent smoke machines for each fire training room or area allows the generation of artificial smoke to be produced, decreasing the range of vision like a real scenario and enhancing the experience of training. The building Simulates the fires that fire fighters encounter freqently in their daily life, and provides the best experience of realism other than that of a true incendent.