The B737-800 Commercial Type Aircraft, Gas & Kerosene Fuelled Fire Training Simulator located in Erzincan Airport is designed and created according to the requirements of the customer. A total of 23 independent pilots allowing ignition of with 28 Independent fires simulated inside and outside of the aircraft simulator can be fully controlled by advanced User PC-Scada operating system intergrated into a 3 Storey Control Tower. Interior fires are simulated by using LPG in Vapourised State, whilst exterior fires use both Liquid LPG and Kerosene. 

All components used in the system are selected for their compliance with industry high standards (TSE, ISO9001, DIN, NFPA) with safety and reliability as priority.  Fires are represented in areas where are likely and freqently occur on aircrafts such as cockpit, underwing, engine, under carriage, fuselage, cargo, APU and many more are simulated on this simulator.

A number of additional features have been introduced to increase the realism of training, including manakins, cutable / replaceable seat legs, seat belts and many more enhancing the experience in performing search and rescue techniques and scenarios. In addition a sound effect system allows the instructors to play & generate different noises and sound effects during rescue scenarios. 

Predefined and previously stored scenarios can be used  as well as the ability for Instructors to create & store further addtional frequently used training experiences. These Scenarios allow the facility to present to the students & trainees different levels of difficulty. 

Independent smoke machines distributed throughout the fuselage allows the generation of artificial smoke to be produced, decreasing the range of vision like a real scenario and enhancing the experience of training. 

The Aircraft Trainer Simulates the fires that fire fighters encounter freqently in their operation life on an airport, and provides the best experience of realism other than that of a true incendent.